Mirror mirror on the wall : A car that reflect me

This is what others say when you customize your toy, it will be like the personality you have. It can be guessed from choosing the style, color and pattern of it. Cool right? Well, what can we say for a psychologist. Try to observe your car before you customize it and after the process, you could see the changes it brings to you, this is because you are looking at yourself in a car. Can you see a harajuku lovers car reflected on the tint of your window? Kidding!


All of the accessories that are to be mentioned here, I can say that this is the most popular one. A thin-colored film plastic is plastered to your window to prevent the sunlight from directly coming through the inside. Further, this is also built inside to maintain and keep privacy from whoever the inside is. It’s okay to put one of these, but make sure that the process won’t cross the laws negatively, just be careful.


For a very adventurous personality, I’ll bet my hat that this accessory will always be present in the car. This is essential especially for cars who would run for long roadtrips from different place from time to time. Contemporary cars have these feature, but you have to upgrade or install it directly after purchasing it so the GPS could secure your location and a map.


It’s not about the interior the customize can magically do, but on the tiniest detail an eye could distinguish. In my opinion, if I would literally associate the rims and tires of a car, as an appealing attraction of a person. From the moment you look at it, you can say that it’s cool, because of the effect it can do the same as if it were a man itself. Be particular in matching game to this accessory, because sometimes it doesn’t look good on some cars even if you want it. Search for alternative ones instead and don’t get disappointed.


A total makeover would not only stop through the windows of your car, but to your wardrobe as well. Wear something that would suit the impact of your customization process. Fire up your wardrobe by wearing an activewear women’s clothing with a pair of amazon earrings. No matter or whatever type of car you may be driving, there are many things that you can express yourself into without being judged and belittled. As long as your contented and happy, your car will to is in a good shape and hands.