Iphone vs. Android: A Quick Guide to Choosing Which Phone to Buy

In the world today, a smartphone has already reached a point where it’s more of a necessity rather than a want. When buying a smartphone, the real dilemma is choosing the better one: Iphone or Android? Both may have more or less the same features, but decision making goes beyond than just the phone features it has to offer the user.


There are three major features that will be discussed in this article: the Operating System, Tech Support, and User Maintenance.


Updating a phone’s OS is just like updating your wardrobe. You have to be in control whether you want to replace that old amazon sterling silver earrings and elegant one piece jumpsuit for the latest ones on display at Forever 21. With an Iphone, expect to be updated when there are available updates for your phone’s Os. It’s very easy for Iphone users to update their iOS because they get notifications regularly, and it’s up to them when they want to update. On the other hand, an android is not very active when it comes to updating their OS. Moreover, most android companies are slow to update their phones.


People these days love customizing their things to make it their own unique possession. A person’s phone isn’t an exception. Android gives users the freedom in customizing their apps which can result in replacing default apps with a lower quality (but still made by the same company), while the Apple has its apps on a lockdown which means that you cannot change it all, but is no doubt high quality. If you want a phone that works well, easy to use and deliver high quality experience, the Iphone is for you. If you value flexibility and freedom in customizing, go for an android.


All is well with your smartphones until there’s a glitch and you need to have something fixed or repaired. Tech support plays in important role for users so they know where to go and who to ask help from. For Apple, you can go to the nearest Apple Store and rest assured your phone will be handled by trained specialists. For Android, you can go back to where you bought it and ask someone there to solve your problem but you should be careful and make sure that someone well-trained is in charge to fix your phone.


Both phones have its pros and cons, so it all boils down the the preference of the user. For example, if the user is a gamer, he/she would most probably buy an android but a fashionista would most probably buy an Iphone. It all really depends on what the users want from the phone itself. Whatever choice you decide on, make sure you have considered more than just its features and appearance.