Fun Facts about Cars that You Probably Don’t Know

If you check magazine stands, you’ve probably noticed that there are more entertainment and fashion magazines containing models and celebrities wearing the latest collection of winter rompers for women and earrings amazon — more than magazines about cars and the automotive industry. Even though there are a lot of interesting things to know about cars, not a lot of people would know about it because people tend to focus more on trending topics which are usually lifestyle, music, and people. In the effort of shining a light to the world of cars, here some fun facts you probably don’t know about.


There are over 1 billion cars being used in the world today. That’s a very big number, but the fact that cars have become a necessity more than a want, a status symbol, and a means of transportation for some businesses, is not very surprising. Moreover, the more car brands release new models, a lot of people become more interested and inclined to buy a vehicle. No wonder traffic is getting heavier every day.


More than half of the world’s population drive on the right side of the road. The countries that drive on the left are mostly British colonies. Usually for countries where one drives on the right side of the road, they built cars where drivers are seated on the left, and vice versa.


After the introduction of car radios, some people wanted to have it banned as it could a distraction to drivers. In the past, maybe this is true. Today, a lot of people can’t live without it. It’s probably the only mode of entertainment that can still let your eyes focus on the road and hands control the wheel. It doesn’t matter if the driver listens to news radio reporters or DJ’s talking, it still a way for drivers to be entertained. For some, it could even avoid sleepiness to kick in.


The “new car smell” is a combination of the different materials used to build the vehicle. The chemical components you smell in a new car is composed of the materials used to complete the interiors of a vehicle — plastic, metal, leather, sealers, adhesives and the like. Some people are concerned that it might be dangerous to one’s health but no one’s really sure. Still, we should be mindful.


Texting while driving increases the chances of an accident. It is very risky to get your eyes off the road and have one hand doing something not driving related. If you badly need to respond, you better pull over and turn on your hazard lights. It’s better than risking your life. Always be careful wherever you are, especially on the road.