Fun Facts about Cars that You Probably Don’t Know

If you check magazine stands, you’ve probably noticed that there are more entertainment and fashion magazines containing models and celebrities wearing the latest collection of winter rompers for women and earrings amazon — more than magazines about cars and the automotive industry. Even though there are a lot of interesting things to know about cars, not a lot of people would know about it because people tend to focus more on trending topics which are usually lifestyle, music, and people. In the effort of shining a light to the world of cars, here some fun facts you probably don’t know about.


There are over 1 billion cars being used in the world today. That’s a very big number, but the fact that cars have become a necessity more than a want, a status symbol, and a means of transportation for some businesses, is not very surprising. Moreover, the more car brands release new models, a lot of people become more interested and inclined to buy a vehicle. No wonder traffic is getting heavier every day.


More than half of the world’s population drive on the right side of the road. The countries that drive on the left are mostly British colonies. Usually for countries where one drives on the right side of the road, they built cars where drivers are seated on the left, and vice versa.


After the introduction of car radios, some people wanted to have it banned as it could a distraction to drivers. In the past, maybe this is true. Today, a lot of people can’t live without it. It’s probably the only mode of entertainment that can still let your eyes focus on the road and hands control the wheel. It doesn’t matter if the driver listens to news radio reporters or DJ’s talking, it still a way for drivers to be entertained. For some, it could even avoid sleepiness to kick in.


The “new car smell” is a combination of the different materials used to build the vehicle. The chemical components you smell in a new car is composed of the materials used to complete the interiors of a vehicle — plastic, metal, leather, sealers, adhesives and the like. Some people are concerned that it might be dangerous to one’s health but no one’s really sure. Still, we should be mindful.


Texting while driving increases the chances of an accident. It is very risky to get your eyes off the road and have one hand doing something not driving related. If you badly need to respond, you better pull over and turn on your hazard lights. It’s better than risking your life. Always be careful wherever you are, especially on the road.

Iphone vs. Android: A Quick Guide to Choosing Which Phone to Buy

In the world today, a smartphone has already reached a point where it’s more of a necessity rather than a want. When buying a smartphone, the real dilemma is choosing the better one: Iphone or Android? Both may have more or less the same features, but decision making goes beyond than just the phone features it has to offer the user.


There are three major features that will be discussed in this article: the Operating System, Tech Support, and User Maintenance.


Updating a phone’s OS is just like updating your wardrobe. You have to be in control whether you want to replace that old amazon sterling silver earrings and elegant one piece jumpsuit for the latest ones on display at Forever 21. With an Iphone, expect to be updated when there are available updates for your phone’s Os. It’s very easy for Iphone users to update their iOS because they get notifications regularly, and it’s up to them when they want to update. On the other hand, an android is not very active when it comes to updating their OS. Moreover, most android companies are slow to update their phones.


People these days love customizing their things to make it their own unique possession. A person’s phone isn’t an exception. Android gives users the freedom in customizing their apps which can result in replacing default apps with a lower quality (but still made by the same company), while the Apple has its apps on a lockdown which means that you cannot change it all, but is no doubt high quality. If you want a phone that works well, easy to use and deliver high quality experience, the Iphone is for you. If you value flexibility and freedom in customizing, go for an android.


All is well with your smartphones until there’s a glitch and you need to have something fixed or repaired. Tech support plays in important role for users so they know where to go and who to ask help from. For Apple, you can go to the nearest Apple Store and rest assured your phone will be handled by trained specialists. For Android, you can go back to where you bought it and ask someone there to solve your problem but you should be careful and make sure that someone well-trained is in charge to fix your phone.


Both phones have its pros and cons, so it all boils down the the preference of the user. For example, if the user is a gamer, he/she would most probably buy an android but a fashionista would most probably buy an Iphone. It all really depends on what the users want from the phone itself. Whatever choice you decide on, make sure you have considered more than just its features and appearance.

Five Gift Ideas for Car Enthusiasts

These days, many people drive their own cars but not all love cars. For some, it’s a necessity but others just want one for the sake of having one. A lot of people own cars, but not everyone is a car enthusiast. If you’re the latter, it’s probably hard to think of a perfect gift to give to your car lover friend. As car enthusiasts, they must already have these car accessories but hey, it’s the thought that counts when giving right?


Steering Wheel Cover

Give the driver a firm grip on the wheel with a strong and cool looking steering wheel cover. It’s best to find one that is made with eco-friendly rubber to avoid toxic smells brought by ordinary rubber.


Leather Embossed Keychain

Just like a girl needing them amazon earrings or a guy needing a snapback to add some style to their look, a driver’s car keys need them accessories too. Hold car keys in style with a classy looking keychain made of leather, and add a personal touch by embossing the first letter of your friend’s name.


Car Seat Protector

To keep car seats in pristine condition for a long time, give a car enthusiast car seat protectors for their ride. This is a plus for pet lovers who love going on roadtrips with their pets. They would surely love a day out with their paw friends without having to worry about their seat being scratched up and damaged. It’s also best to find heat resistant covers with color-safe technology as well.


Dash Cam

More than just recording accidents on the road, the car enthusiast recipient of this gift can record themselves driving some laps and doing cool driving tricks to show to their friends on social media.


Driving Gloves

This is a safe bet for drivers who love looking classy while driving, and those who are keeping a vintage ride in their garage. Find driving gloves with a design that allows you to use touch screen phones while wearing them. There’s nothing better than a fashionable and functional gift.


Shopping for a car enthusiast when you know nothing about cars is like a guy shopping in the women’s clothing section looking for something for their special someone. May these five car accessories be the best gift your car lover friend every received. On top of that, they will surely love you more for supporting their love for cars.

Mirror mirror on the wall : A car that reflect me

This is what others say when you customize your toy, it will be like the personality you have. It can be guessed from choosing the style, color and pattern of it. Cool right? Well, what can we say for a psychologist. Try to observe your car before you customize it and after the process, you could see the changes it brings to you, this is because you are looking at yourself in a car. Can you see a harajuku lovers car reflected on the tint of your window? Kidding!


All of the accessories that are to be mentioned here, I can say that this is the most popular one. A thin-colored film plastic is plastered to your window to prevent the sunlight from directly coming through the inside. Further, this is also built inside to maintain and keep privacy from whoever the inside is. It’s okay to put one of these, but make sure that the process won’t cross the laws negatively, just be careful.


For a very adventurous personality, I’ll bet my hat that this accessory will always be present in the car. This is essential especially for cars who would run for long roadtrips from different place from time to time. Contemporary cars have these feature, but you have to upgrade or install it directly after purchasing it so the GPS could secure your location and a map.


It’s not about the interior the customize can magically do, but on the tiniest detail an eye could distinguish. In my opinion, if I would literally associate the rims and tires of a car, as an appealing attraction of a person. From the moment you look at it, you can say that it’s cool, because of the effect it can do the same as if it were a man itself. Be particular in matching game to this accessory, because sometimes it doesn’t look good on some cars even if you want it. Search for alternative ones instead and don’t get disappointed.


A total makeover would not only stop through the windows of your car, but to your wardrobe as well. Wear something that would suit the impact of your customization process. Fire up your wardrobe by wearing an activewear women’s clothing with a pair of amazon earrings. No matter or whatever type of car you may be driving, there are many things that you can express yourself into without being judged and belittled. As long as your contented and happy, your car will to is in a good shape and hands.